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Wealth Management

We don’t believe in cookie cutter planning. Every family is different therefore every planning conversation is unique, and these discussions range from rudimentary to robust, as demanded by the client situation.

Common Topics We Address & Questions Our Clients Ask:

Retirement/Income projections:

Whether we are 65 or 50, the transition from working to living upon our accumulated assets demands a large psychological shift. A solid overall plan and withdrawal strategy adds a much needed confidence to help take this leap into financial freedom.

  • How much can I expect my assets to generate, for how long, and can it be enhanced with a withdrawal strategy?
  • When should I begin Social Security? What is the impact of Medicare premiums on my Social Security check, and will my higher retirement income increase these costs?
  • How much of my retirement income will come from planned/fixed income (pensions, deferred compensation, Social Security, rental income), and how much will need to be supplemented from my portfolio assets?

Risk management:

What is the strategy for dealing with the unknown?  We can't protect against everything, but quality risk management can lessen the financial effect of unforeseen traumatic events.

  • Do we have appropriate insurance coverage, emergency reserves, and adequate liquidity so that we can access money in times of need?
  • What is the potential impact of a long-term care event on my retirement?
  • Would my family be able to continue the same standard of living in the untimely event of my demise?
  • Can my assets and retirement income cope with large market volatility?


We all feel the pinch of taxes. It is therefore, essential that we spend time to understand the tax implications involved in financial decisions.

  • How is our money going to be taxed?
  • Should we maximize retirement vehicles to: defer today’s taxation until later; or pay the tax today so that it can provide tax-free distributions tomorrow?
  • The majority of our money is non-qualified, what can we do from an investment management standpoint to mitigate the ongoing tax?

Estate & Wealth Transfer

Our clients have worked hard to accumulate their wealth, so it isn’t surprising that they typically want to maintain control over their assets, or at least have a say in what happens to them. Taking steps to plan for what occurs after life, helps maintain control. Without a plan, the state will decide how assets are distributed. This can lead to unnecessarily high taxation, and a bigger bite being taken out of the family’s wealth. Additional headaches and disposition issues due to probate can also ensue.

  • Do we need to revisit our will?
  • Do I need a trust, what kind?
  • What are tax effective strategies to transfer and protect wealth?

Charitable Gifting

For clients who already gift, or intend to later on, there are strategies that can increase the efficiency of the gift from a tax and risk management standpoint.

  • How can I reduce my tax impact to allow me to gift more?
  • Is it possible to gift and not disinherit my children?


It is our belief that having both a firm understanding of the big picture and a solid game plan, are vital to ensure that we are on the right track, and for the right reasons. Many planning discussions revolve around tax and wealth transfer strategies. To implement these strategies, we either refer out, or work with our clients existing attorney and tax relationships.

*There is no additional fee for wealth management discussions, advice, or planning; we consider this service to be included within the investment management fee.